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admin Jul 16 '16

Finding chickens for sale in your area is often easier than you think.  There are many places where you can look:

Breed Clubs and Magazines

Local Adverts and Internet

Charities and Farms

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admin Jul 16 '16

Once you have purchased your chickens there are a few basic regulations that must be adhered to for transporting your chickens to their new home.

Please check with your local authorities for the latest regulations for keeping and transporting chickens. 

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A few tips in this area though:

Journey times must be kept to a minimum

Your chickens must be fit to travel

Those handling your chickens must be competent

Your chickens must be transported in a way not to cause injury or undue suffering.

Your chickens must not be injured in loading or unloading from their boxes

Your chickens must have ample space and be secure